Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever – Heb 13:8

Facing The Storms Of Life

According to our text today, the ship upon which Paul was a passenger was caught in a violent storm as he was headed to Rome for trial. He had been to Jerusalem and was as expected, persecuted by the Jews there. He exercised his right as a Roman citizen to appeal to Caesar because he had been accused of sedition among the Jews throughout the world. Annanias, the high priest, made this accusation against Paul to Felix through the orator Tertullus.

Standing accused, Paul believed that he would get a fairer hearing in Rome and thus appealed his case to Caesar. (This would be the equivalent of having our case heard before the Supreme Court.)

As he travelled to Rome aboard a ship, the violent storm came upon them suddenly. Every effort was made to ride the storm out in safety. Every effort seemed to fail, though, and the people on the ship gave up hope of being saved. In this atmosphere, Paul stepped forth to reassure and comfort them. He told them how they could face the storm in confidence and peace. They were to put their trust in God.

This passage makes me think about the storms that come to each of us in this life. The people on board the ship with Paul could have avoided the storm that they were caught in by staying in the safe harbor. However we cannot avoid the storms that life brings.
We can avoid the storms that we bring on ourselves, but we cannot avoid the storms that life brings to us. Since we cannot avoid these storms, we must learn to face them. There are some principles taken from this passage which will help us to face these storms with assurance and peace.

The storms of life are going to come, but we can face them with confidence and peace if we have Jesus.
If you do not have Jesus this morning then you have neglected the only one who can be your navigator and captain through the storms of life. He is also the only one who can lead you safely to heaven. You have no hope if you try to do it on your own. Today is the day to put your faith in Him, trust Him to save you and to keep you safe through all.