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Bible Reading Plan & Word Definitions

The Trinitarian Bible Society has come up with a wonderful little booklet to assist you with your Bible reading. If you are struggling to get into the habit of regularly reading the Word of God, this little booklet which you can download for free will be very useful to getting you on the road to making the Bible a regular daily part of your life. The Bible reading plan will have you reading it through completely over a two year period while reading through the NewTestament and Psalms twice during that time.

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In addition to this, it also contains the definitions of words found in the King James Bible which are not commonly used today. It is a great reference which will help you realise in a relatively short period of time, that the problem with archaic words which is often used by opponents of the KJV is not that big a deal.

For instance, the word ‘pottage’ is used in the KJV to refer what we would commonly refer to as ‘stew’. After you have read the account of Jacob’s interaction with Esau his brother, in Genesis 25, where Esau sold Jacob his birthright for ‘pottage’, it would be almost impossible to ever forget the meaning of that word again! The same can be said for many other words. When you think about the way the words are constructed, you will also realise that most will just stick in your head because there is often a simple meaning to them.

We hope that you are blessed with this booklet and pray that you will grow as you seek the Lord with all of your heart.

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Bible Reading Plan with Word Definitions